The Melbourne Chiptune Academy is a group of local artists within Melbourne, Australia. Our aim is to grow the local chiptune community through regular meetups. We'll be running workshops, album previews and general networking to introduce newcomers to the world of chiptune music!



Join the Australian Chiptune Discord here!

This discord is for everyone! Please join if you love chip music, make chip music, curious how to make it or just want to hang! There are plenty of friendly people here and you can ask us absolutely anything!


The next meetup is: Sunday, 26th May from 6pm!
Sign up form is here: forms.gle/s8i8TxAj2DfJ4KKc6

We hold our current meetups / open mics at Mamma Chen's in Footscray:
Google Maps Link

Mamma Chens is a wonderful welcoming and accessible space, including one of the few accessible stages in Melbourne! Please come on down and say hi! If you are interested in performing, pretty much all electronic music is welcome and we especially love and welcome any little gadgets, synths or toys you want to show off!

You can find the next meetup date in our Instagram Melbchiptuneacademy or in Discord.


Who are we?

The Melbourne Chiptune Academy is an initiative created by:

// Dot.AY [Alex Yabsley] //

// Jamatar [Jam Nawaz] //

// Tom Foolery and the Family Jewellery [Warwick Mclean] //